Free Worldwide Shipping On Orders $100+


When will my order come? 

We usually process the same day the order is placed and ship the next day for items that are not wholesale. Please allow for 3-9 business days for the processing of wholesale items up to 200 pcs. Bulk items 300-1000pcs and above may take 2-8 weeks Shipping usually takes about 2-6 weeks. Express shipping take 3-9 days. Sea Shipping on bulk orders may take 1-5 months

How much is shipping? (Applies to ALL countries) 

Express Shipping for 30 pcs and below: $ 42 CAD

Shipping is FREE express on orders 50 pcs and over 

Refund Policy?

We do not accept any returns on customized items, if goods are damaged or there is an issue with your order please contact us as we are dedicated to fixing the problem.

Cancellation Policy?

We accept cancellations 24 hours after the order is made, after that cancellations cannot be made 

Contact Information

We can also be contacted Via the email and on our instagram @tonis_cosmetics

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